I r teh Spaic

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I r teh Spaic

Post  Spycy on Mon Jan 06, 2014 10:43 pm

Hey there!
My name's Spycy, French student in sciences and Spy lover since ever!
I've heard Novus was alive again, and I know that people leading it atm are nice people, so I thought "yey lets register again"

Anyway, I am here like many others for my passion of the Spy, I'm been maining it since 2009, when I was still playing TF2 on PS3, and I've cumulated today over 800 hours on the class on my active acco unt, maybe 1000+  all account included.

Apart from that, I really don't know what to say rly.
I play sport. yey. Badminton, which I also really enjoy, as well as guitar in my lost time. I also love to hangout with people, thus I might say weird things late nights. Sad
I'll also probably hang on mumble with whoever wants to (Scandinavian people are the best buddies!), hit me up'

So ye.
Das ist teh Spaic.

Note: this isnt optimized on phone :[

Note2: Now that we have spare time, I would like to talk to you about God our blessed Lord.

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Re: I r teh Spaic

Post  Villdjack on Mon Jan 06, 2014 10:46 pm

"Spycyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" -Larath 2013

Add me tokitori

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