A brief word on my views.

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A brief word on my views.

Post  Trîp/Reggie on Mon Jul 06, 2015 6:53 pm


So as a long time user, from the outset until now, and official thread necromancer, I'm so glad this is back. Some of the people on here were douchebags, and it died because of that, but they don't seem to be resurfacing.

I stopped maining spy around the time this started falling apart. I don't feel like I get much done as the class, and instead moved to the lumbering fatass that we all know and hate, Heavy. However, in the close to 800 hours of spy I've now accumulated, I've learned a ton of stuff, and will stay here and keep helping out so as long as I'm needed. This could involve digging up a load of the guides and videos that were deleted in the site-wide purge of the forums, as the posts are still linked to accounts.

I'll say it once again, I really am thankful that this is finally coming back, as these forums were pretty much my guide to learning the class all those years ago, and I met some pretty amazing people in the process - even if I have lost touch with them.

Yours truly,
Reggie, AKA Tigg.

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Re: A brief word on my views.

Post  Carlotso25 on Mon Jul 06, 2015 10:30 pm

Appreciate you saying that Trip. These forums were very helpful to me too and allowed me to become friends with many a talented player. We're happy to have you back onboard Very Happy

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